Hello Strangers

First of all, hello!

It’s been a while, a long self searching, mistake making while. A loss of passion and direction while. A whole lot of confusion with a hint of masala while.

Nevertheless, today I want to talk about quite a few things, souls, journeys, timing, trust and settling. But mainly loneliness.

Ahhh. You know the song where it goes something along the lines of one is a lonely number but two can be as bad as one. Yep just learnt that lesson. Can tick that right off of my life lessons to go list.

You see what I am trying to say is have faith in your convictions. Or trust your gut. If it feels wrong, it probably is. And that’s nobody’s fault. You need to have that confidence in yourself to know what is the right decision to make and if you’re confused then you know its the wrong decision to go along with. Even if staying would mean less people will get hurt, it’s not your job to hurt yourself to protect others. You cannot be a protection fairy (I hate to burst your bubble).

I think as people we need a certain level of communication. We crave it, in different amounts. Sometimes we make irrational decisions which we think will make us happy but when we get there we realise we aren’t as happy as we thought we would be. And tbh I blame it on a lot of things, societal norms and standards, the easiness of comparing yourself but first and foremost I blame us individually for being ungrateful.

There are so many things a lot of us are blessed with and simply take for granted. Yet we all tend to look up at what we don’t have rather than to take a look around and look at what we do have. I get that a lot of you struggle to see this especially when it seems like the odds are against you. But its the little things at the end of the day, like food, water, shelter. I don’t know where I am going with this blog post but it has been a while.

It takes a strong person to be grateful everyday and I’m not expecting any of us to become that, because lets be honest we’re all hella weak. I guess what I am saying is it’s okay to not be there yet, it’s okay to feel alone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are. If we don’t have one level of communication we have a million others, learn to channel it in different ways. Work on yourself, accept who you are and your weaknesses and please don’t rush it. Timing is everything so allow yourself the time you need to blossom. Let your soul search for itself and it’s okay if you never understand it, life isn’t about understanding it’s about doing what’s right by you and towards others, that’s when you will feel content.

I am a huge believer in whatever you put into this world you will get out of it. If you do good then one day that good will come to you. If you do bad then one day that bad would return to you. So yes it may all seem hopeless right now but trust me the good will come.

Pale x

Anyway how have you guys been? Sorry for ghosting.


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