About Me

Hi there, this is just a blog I made to share and discuss my experiences and some of the lessons I have learnt so far. Hope you enjoy reading these insights into my life and feel free to get involved and comment about any topics that touch your heart strings.

The whole point of this blog is for it to be aimed at events and topics which are universal and to offer a different opinion about them. The aim is to shed a light on some controversial issues as well as some personal issues and for this to be a creative journey for all of us.

I hope you enjoy reading what I post and would look forward to any advice or comments you have. I really am a small fish in the sea with this whole blogging thing but I am enjoying it and hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing these posts.

Feel free to contact me on any of the social media I have listed. And I’ll see you again on my next post.

Pale x