A fire is warm and heats you up, but have you ever noticed how it burns, when you refuse to move positions or turn away completely. Your skin begins to itch as what once kept you warm is now causing you pain. You are the fire who kept me warm, but i need to leave … Continue reading Fire


Your movie

A memory is like a film, running through your mind all day, with the ability to repeat, pause and play but why is it so hard to stop? Playing the films we don't like to watch. Take control of your collection of memories, as they are yours, play what you want, no extra charges, life … Continue reading Your movie


In my life I fail to see, the beauty I have within me. This beauty I shine on others, as if it does not belong to me. It's hard to believe in something you don't see, and that is the problem within me. Until I see what others see, I will never believe the beauty … Continue reading Beauty

Flawed Feminism

We are taught how to think, what to eat and what to see, we are taught that there's one way everyone should be. We are taught that if we do not fall in the norm, we are not worth anything at all. We are taught how to look, what to wear, what to say. We … Continue reading Flawed Feminism

The Moon

Open the windows, let in some air. It's been a while since you felt this soft breeze against your hair. Light a candle, relax. Begin to declutter the thoughts you have. The ones from years ago, or yesterday, like that burn that never went away. The time is right to let that breeze take your … Continue reading The Moon


You, took something from me, a part of me I lost, maybe that part didn't really belong to me in the first place. Maybe you didn't belong to me. Maybe possession is our problem. Greed for more in some way or another. Maybe I'll never be content with any lover. I may never understand why … Continue reading You


When I appear I seem strange, I am different in some ways, some prefer me, some don't. Some use me as a force. I often come with rules and traditions, some may follow others may not listen. I am a comfort to those who know me, accept me and follow me. But for those who … Continue reading Culture