Follow me on instagram!

Hi guys! Many of you guys I have on here have me on instagram but for those who don't! Follow me, I post a lot of poems! Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey so far! P.s. if you guys would be interested in my book please get in touch! Instagram: … Continue reading Follow me on instagram!


Help? Poetry book

Hi guys just a short one today! As you may or may not know but I am publishing a poetry book soon! And I just wanted to know if any of you guys on here would be interested enough or willing to support me? Literally so nervous! It would be amazing if i could get … Continue reading Help? Poetry book

Quick one!

Hey Guys! Just a quick one today! I figured I needed to work on my consistency of posts! And to commit to more of a routine. Which is harder than it seems for a procrastinator. I will be posting every Friday from now on so you guys know when to expect a post. I'm going … Continue reading Quick one!

My First Ever Youtube Video!

  Hey Guys, I wanted to create something for you lovely readers, something to do with the posts that I post on my blog and also the poems I post on instagram. So I decided to create something, and here is the result. It's a video I created on Memories and hopefully you can all … Continue reading My First Ever Youtube Video!


Hello My lovelies! I have some pretty exciting news to share with you readers, I have been working on a book of some sort. A poetry book. Just thoughts about life, from first hand experience and situations I have seen other people go through! I hope many of you can relate to this book! And … Continue reading Book