Love’s Curse

Hi Guy's! This weeks post is one I'm sure we have all felt! Heartbreak. This heartfelt post is by the lovely Isabella Piper! She talks about her own experience on this topic! One filled with emotion! Enjoy the post! I'm sure you will all feel this one! Love's Curse  Heartbreak will tear you at your … Continue reading Love’s Curse



This week's Your Story is about a very talented individual, Yazeed. Seriously guys I am not kidding, I came across Yazeed on Instagram and saw a video of one of the songs he's recorded. I'm not even a hip hop fan, well not a major one. I normally listen to the old stuff, but I … Continue reading Music

How I Got to Where I Am Today

Hi Guys! Today's your story post is about the interweb and building a career off of it. Sumayyah has kindly shared with us her journey and how she got started, the ups and downs and where she is now. Hope you guys enjoy this post, and can relate to it! Always remember the first step … Continue reading How I Got to Where I Am Today

The Pressure of Marriage Within Asian Culture.

Hi Guys! This weeks Your Story is about the other side of marriage that no one really talks about. The expectations within south asian culture in being married and the reasons as to why we shouldn't just conform to what society expects from us, if we aren't ready for it nor agree with it. Many … Continue reading The Pressure of Marriage Within Asian Culture.

Dealing With Depression

This weeks story is by a fellow blogger Niki Meadow's. Her story is about depression and how she overcame it and it's challenges. The up's and downs of life she dealt with and how she still managed to have hope and accomplish so much. This story is a very personal one and I hope you all enjoy … Continue reading Dealing With Depression

Your Story – Arifa

Back again with another story to share! this week's story is about Arifa who is a blogger herself and wants to share with us a personal time of her childhood and what she took from it. Thank you Arifa! for taking part. Hope you'll enjoy this post and can relate!  The Time I Had To Grow Up … Continue reading Your Story – Arifa

Your Story – Faith and Me

Hey Y'all, thanks for contacting me with your stories. This week we will be looking at a story about an individual on their journey to religion and discovering which sect is right for them. The story is a very personal one which I'm sure you'll enjoy reading as much as I did. Thank you to the individual who … Continue reading Your Story – Faith and Me