Lessons From 2017

Hi guys! So today I thought I'd write a post about what I've learnt in 2017. Along with things I'm leaving in 2017. As cliche as it sounds. It is a new year, so it's time for some real changes. I'm sure we've all experienced a lot this year, so here's what I've learnt this … Continue reading Lessons From 2017


Your Story

Hey guys! Today is the day I talk about you. I want to know about you guys! My readers! The ones who keep me going and sane! So I wanted to know about you and your definition of life or moments that defined you as an individual. Moments that changed your perspective, moments that inspired … Continue reading Your Story

Graduation and Me

Hey There, and if i may say congratulations to you all who are graduating this summer, years of hard work, deadlines and lectures where you can barely stay awake. Hours of commuting or time spent away from friends and family and now you've finally done it! No more exams! Assignments or awkward situations between you … Continue reading Graduation and Me