Hello Strangers

First of all, hello! It's been a while, a long self searching, mistake making while. A loss of passion and direction while. A whole lot of confusion with a hint of masala while. Nevertheless, today I want to talk about quite a few things, souls, journeys, timing, trust and settling. But mainly loneliness. Ahhh. You … Continue reading Hello Strangers


A Change In Direction

Hey Guys! So sorry I haven't been posting for a while I've got a number of reasons. Mainly being the normal confused me who has no idea of what she is doing. For a while I've been struggling with a sense of direction as to what is next. I've been trying a variety of things … Continue reading A Change In Direction

A Good Life

Ambition. Success. Happiness. The meaning of a good life for an individual. A healthy drive that helps us go to where we are meant to be in life. The reason we get up every morning, the reason we try so hard. The reason so many of us pick ourselves up from the failures and the … Continue reading A Good Life

The Pressure of Marriage Within Asian Culture.

Hi Guys! This weeks Your Story is about the other side of marriage that no one really talks about. The expectations within south asian culture in being married and the reasons as to why we shouldn't just conform to what society expects from us, if we aren't ready for it nor agree with it. Many … Continue reading The Pressure of Marriage Within Asian Culture.

Dealing With Depression

This weeks story is by a fellow blogger Niki Meadow's. Her story is about depression and how she overcame it and it's challenges. The up's and downs of life she dealt with and how she still managed to have hope and accomplish so much. This story is a very personal one and I hope you all enjoy … Continue reading Dealing With Depression


Hi Guys! This Weeks Women's Wednesday post is by Aliesha Nura, many of you may know her from instagram! Her story focuses on the expectations of women to be married and the expectations of a happily ever after. How love isn't the only goal and how we should also focus on our relationship with God. If … Continue reading Intention

New Project: Women’s Wednesday

Hi Guys! This is a new project specifically targeting Women and their experiences with life and the sacrifices they have made! It can be of yourself or of women you know? Its all about empowering each other and sharing our experiences and dilemmas and how we dealt with them. It's also a great place to … Continue reading New Project: Women’s Wednesday